We at Umbertos introduce the most efficient hot food delivery system available. Our “Hot Bags”!

Thermostat controlled flexible heating elements are built into the top and bottom of each HOTBAG allowing it to maintain a constant 160º to 175º temperature indefinitely. After the HOTBAG is unplugged from the holding rack and plugged into the vehicles power system, pizza can be delivered right to your door, no matter how far away you are, oven hot. And, since there is no moisture build up in the HOTBAG, cold, soggy food is a thing of the past.


We Deliver to the Following Locations:

• Wantagh
• Seaford
• East of Newbridge Road
• West of 107
• South of Hempstead Turnpike
• North Merrick Road

If possible we will deliver out of the area
when work load permits.

Please Call Us for More Details